Conditions of Carriage

The company reserves the right to alter, suspend or withdraw any service without previous notice. Advance notice will, however, be given when possible.

There shall be no liability on the Company for delays, howsoever caused, or inconvenience which may be sustained by any passenger through the failure of any vehicle, nor will they be liable for unpunctuality. The publication of any timetable or notice is issued for guidance, and no guarantee can be given that vehicles will operate at the times stated, or at all.

Neither the holder of a ticket nor any other person shall have the right of any action against the proprietor in respect of (i) death or bodily injury to any person otherwise than while the passenger is being carried on, or entering or alighting from a stationary public service vehicle, or (ii) any other loss, damage or delay to any person however caused, or (iii) any loss or miss-delivery of or damage or delay to property however caused, or (iv) death or bodily injury or loss sustained while entering or leaving a public service vehicle whilst in motion.

Suggestions and complaints
Please use the contact details on our website.

Fares and tickets
Passengers must be in possession of a valid ticket or pass throughout their journey. We only accept cash on board our buses and coaches. Our drivers give change but they only start their shift with a limited amount and this can get used up quickly. Drivers are not obliged to accept large amounts of coins above the standard allowances. These are: 20p made up of 1p and 2p coins; £5 made up of 5p and 10p coins; £10 made up of 20p and 50p coins.

Adult fares are issued to all passengers aged 16 or over, unless in education and can present a valid NUS Card or other appropriate ID. Child single/return fares are not available before 09:00 on Mondays to Fridays (including school holidays). There are no restrictions on Public Holidays. Up to 2 children aged under 5 (that do not occupy a seat to the exclusion of a fare-paying passenger) travel free with anybody who purchase an adult ticket or has a valid adult-rate pass (including English National Concessionary Passes).

English National Concessionary Passes are valid for free off-peak travel in accordance with the conditions published by local authorities.

Wheelchair users
All our buses have space for one wheelchair user, but we cannot guarantee this facility. We will carry most wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs up to 700mm wide, 1200mm long (including footplate) and a total weight of 300kg (including the occupant).

Mobility scooters are not normally carried as they are outdoor vehicles intended for use as an alternative to public transport for short trips. They are generally less manoeuvrable and some cannot be used as a seat on a vehicle due to their instability and difficulty in providing appropriate restraint systems for both the scooter and the user.

Carriage of animals
Pets are carried free, so long as they do not present a hazard or disturbance to customers. If another animal is already on board then the driver may refuse travel (excluding guide dogs or assistance dogs). Guide dogs in training are also permitted, subject to the driver’s discretion. All dogs must be on a lead, should sit on the floor (but not blocking the aisle) and on double-deckers should be taken upstairs.

We do not permit standard bicycles on board our vehicles. However, folded bicycles are allowed so long as they do not present a risk to other passengers, their property or our vehicle. We encourage owners of collapsible bikes to use a bike bag to prevent sharp edges from being exposed. Folded bicycles must not be taken upstairs and on coaches they must be stored in the underfloor luggage compartments.

Electric scooters
We do not allow carriage of electric scooters of  on our buses.

Food, drink and alcohol
Please don't bring food with a strong smell onto our vehicles, as it can be unpleasant for fellow passengers. If you bring a hot drink on board please make sure that it has a suitable lid as drivers may otherwise refuse entry. We do not want to refuse alcohol aboard our vehicles but customers will be asked to leave the vehicle if their behaviour becomes aggressive, loud or generally unpleasant to other customers.

All luggage is carried at the owner’s risk. On coaches, please ask the driver if you wish to store an item in the underfloor compartments.

Lost property
If you think you've left something on one of our buses, please contact us with details of the lost item, the date of travel and other journey details. We'll do our best to help find it for you.

Services on public holidays
A Sunday service normally operates on Public Holidays. Special timetables may operate during other holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year. Details will be published in advance.

All applications for refunds should be made in writing to:
Whippet, Unit 1, 2 Rowles Way, Buckingway Business Park, Swavesey, Cambridge, CB24 4UG.

We will only normally refund tickets for any remaining days of validity. The refund value will be based on the period already used, rather than a percentage of the total ticket price (e.g. a 4-Week ticket which has been used for just 1 week will have the price of a week ticket deducted from the value of a 4-Week ticket). An admin charge may also apply.