Always pay the best-value adult fare

Tap on, tap off from Whippet
The easy way to pay for bus travel. Simply tap on with your contactless card or device when you get on the bus and tap off with the same card/device when you get off, and you'll automatically be charged the best-value adult fare. Available on all Whippet buses.

Whether you travel every now and then or everyday, you'll always pay the cheapest fare for your journey - including automatic capping at our day, week or 4-week ticket prices for the zone you travel in.  tapping on

For example, if you make one trip, you'll be charged the adult single fare - currently capped at just £2. If you make a few journeys in the same day, you'll be charged the day ticket price. Travel a few times in the same seven day period and you won't pay more than our weekly ticket price - and the same in any 4-week period. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay on all our buses. We don't currently accept American Express. Remember to use the same card or contactless device when you tap in and out on each journey.

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Frequently asked questions

Simply place your card or contactless device on the reader by the driver. You don't need to ask for a ticket, and no paper receipt will be printed. You'll hear a soft beep as soon as the reader has recognised your card - usually immediately after the card is presented

You'll be charged to the last stop on that route, which may cost more than the fare to where you got off.

This depends on your bank and how quickly they process transactions. Normally, you'll be charged each day you travel until you reach the weekly or four weekly price cap.

Email our customer service team with details of the journey(s) you've made and card you've paid with - they'll be happy to help. 

No, you need to use the same card each time you travel. If you have your payment method set up on your phone through Apple Pay or Google Pay, make sure you stick to one method. If you switch to your card, it will be treated as a new payment method and you might not benefit from the price caps.

Use our simple online portal - enter the details from the card you used, and you'll see your journey history and prices paid.

The reader may recognise a different card to the one you want to pay with. We recommend taking the card out of a wallet or purse and placing it on the reader by itself

At the moment, unfortunately not. Our readers only recognise the contactless card and are not able to charge discounted fares. If you use tap on, tap off you'll always be charged the best-value adult fare