Journey Assistance Cards

We've produced a series of Journey Assistance Cards with a collection of messages relevant to hidden disabilities. These messages include giving you extra time to reach your seat, being aware that you may be deaf or visually impaired or need help when you get to your destination.

They’re very easy to use - when you get on the bus:

  1. Scan your travel card on the ticket machine reader as normal or pay your fare
  2. Show your Journey Assistance Card to the driver, to let them know you need assistance
  3. Make your way to your seat or the bay and enjoy your journey

Click here to download a PDF that you can print at home, then simply cut out the card or cards that you wish to use. 

Journey Assistance Cards are part of a national code, and you can use these Journey Assistance Cards on services run by other bus companies.

Prefer to have the cards posted to you? Complete this short form, and we'll send a set to you.